SOnu Titu

Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety is just not a tongue twister; it is indeed a rib tickler too. Luv Ranjan brings in Kartik and Nushrat in yet another film together along with Sunny Singh and an ensemble supporting cast that adds a great value to the entire film tickling your funny bones.

Kartik Aryan and Sunny Singh are childhood bosom buddies and are in a bond that is rock solid, unshakeable and unbreakable. The film opens up with two monologues what Kartik is best at; from scene one he tickles you and soon you are in the plot witnessing Sonu played by Kartik bringing a break-up on the plate to Titu played by Sunny Singh and makes his girl walk out of his life. Up next Titu is at home setting up an arrange marriage and Sonu is upset with just a thought of him getting married and questioning the reasoning behind marriage. The lines are repetitive at times and so are the beeps, the lines win over the beeps and they succeed to make you laugh. Sonu absorbs you so much in his character and his love for Titu that your heart vouches for his situation. Born in a Punjabi family derived from Ghasitaraam – Ghasitaaz. The humor the supporting cast brings in is fun to watch. Head of the family Ghasite played by none other than Alok Nath and his camaraderie with Virendra Saxena form a senior pair of friends who are brother in laws and together they spice up some good humor in this tongue twister. The first girl they see for the arrange marriage, Nushrat Bharucha who plays sweety is confirmed after an acknowledgement of Sonu chased by Titu. Soon they do Roka and comes a fresh breeze of some great laughs brought to you by BABU sponsored domestic help to Sonu and Titu by Sweety. Sonu succeeds to make his exit work too and you could see the war coming.  The war indeed begins. Sonu’s possessiveness in saving Titu from marriage and proving the girl is wrong for him becomes the mission and SKTKS becomes a topsy turvy ride and keeps you engaged with each of their next move.

Sonu Verses Sweety is like a cat and the mouse and poor Titu just becomes a cheese waiting for himself to be moved by either of one. “Dosti aur ladki main hamesha ladki hi jeet ti hai” is what the cat echoes. Eventually, who moves the cheese is where the film progresses to impressively keeping your interest high and keeping you hooked.

What not goes well with your ears is often the beeps on the slang that CBFC Still finds abusive and for whom the slang belongs. Wonder knowing why the director kept the frequency so high distracting and annoying audience with frequency of beeps.

Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety is an entertainer that has some great humor, hilarious lines, ensemble supporting cast, decent songs. Sonu is sweet, Sweety is bitter and Titu is that candle that burns at both the ends. Film has one disappointing factor; the plot fails to reason behind the bitterness in sweety. Nevertheless, the tongue twister is an indeed a great rib tickler too.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s