We rightly anticipated Salman Khan to be at its Best with Sultan. Watching the movie, indeed by far Sultan will remain high on his graph as he delivers a No-Nonsense Cinema. High on Action that is real; Drama that holds you; Romance that titillates you; His evergreen charisma that brings a smile on your face. His emotional voice that moist your eyes. He does it all.Salman Khan knocks everyone down this time with his screen presence, his performance, his fights, his aura as Sultan is unimaginable until you see it on a big screen.

Sultan is a well packaged masala cinema just made right. Salman Khan brings performance on his platter and would take back great applauds for the Sultan he is.

The audience would surely hoot Sultan Sultan in the theaters with the kind of aura Sultan Brings in. Wrestling is not a sport. Its about fighting what lies within. Writer Director Ali Abbas Zafar’s execution is commendable to bring this philosophy live on screen connecting each one of us well.

He keeps you motivated pumping your fighting spirit, you could loose only if you choose to.

The story belongs to Sultan somewhere in Rewari Haryana; his journey from nobody to somebody who touches the fame globally is convincing and Sultan brings in this conviction at ease. With some romance and humor, you get to see the typical Salman audience loves. The good thing is makers don’t get swayed showcasing typical Salman Khan; they integrate their story well showcasing; the fall and rise of Sultan, the fight the triumph that lies ahead is something that keeps us high on interest with Sultan. Anushka Sharma is rightly placed in the movie and delivers what is expected from her. Amit Sadh has little to do, but is easy on eyes. Randeep Hooda pumps in some more blood in the second half; he has a limited role yet he is commendable. By far Sultan purely belongs to Salman Khan. The only person that can overshadow him is He himself.


The fight scenes are very well executed and believable unlike other salman khan action films. They are raw and realistic. Brilliantly directed bringing in a wow factor with most of the prominent ring scenes.

The Director Ali Abbas Zafar is gonna be reaching fame; his earlier films Gunday, Mere Brother ki Dulhan might not have done what Sultan would do for him.

The music of the film is done by Vishal Shekhar and nowhere any of the song look out of the place. They are indeed well integrated in the movie and rightly placed. Three cheers to Irshad Kamil and Vishal Dadlani for bringing in the hoot well – “Khoon mein tere mitti, mitti main tera khoon” brings in goose-bumps with the right sound making you hum each time it appears on screen making you dive deep into the essence of Sultan along with its background score.

Irrespective of what religion you belong to. Your Eidee from Salman Khan awaits at a cinema near you. Go Hoot Sultan! Sultan! Sultan!

Rating: 4.5/5

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