Teaser and concept of Bro-Court – The upcoming web series on Happii-Fi

In a world where justice is difficult and judicial system fails from time to time, what would you do if you need justice in an engineering college hostel with loads of testosterone and no sense? Where would you go if your porn goes missing, or your best friend hits on your mom, who is also your professor. Is it right to have feelings for your best friends ex GF or is it violation of the “BRO CODE” – (a manifesto of laws which state the obvious happenings in the hostel with fancy words, a rule book which establishes the rules of behaviour amongst bros) Whoever violates the bro code is brought to justice at the “Bro-Court”,  by the ex-child actor but still in that hangover, exam flunking, hostel staying yet sophisticated Bandopant, commonly known as the “BRO” of the “BRO COURT”. Open at all times (Ex Saturdays)