the_girl_on_the_trainThe Girl on the Train – Board it.

The Girl on the Train is the thriller that grows on you, deceives you, hallucinates you, engages you and most importantly keeps you boarded till the end.

Emily Blunt keeps you hooked with her performance call it deceptive or call it instinctive, she has what it takes to play Rachel Watson, an alcoholic, divorcee, a mother, a daughter, a stalker and most important a commuter that derives the title The Girl on the Train.

It is based on Paula Hawkins best seller by the same name. Tate Taylor’s narration grows on you well making you dive into the world of Rachel, her helplessness. Director succeeds to rest your chin on your fist, giving it nail biting experience, making you think through the characters bringing out a great astonishment factor.


If we talk more about the thriller we will end up revealing something we shouldn’t. Go find out yourself what The Girl on the Train is up to.

Verdict: Gold****