#TigerZindaHai – Truly Zinda

Ali abbas Zafar rides on the series quite decently bringing in the entertainer Salman Khan fans have been waiting for. Tiger Zinda Hai is purely a Salman Khan Film that brings in the high octane Bollywood action leaving you awestruck with his sheer presence and yes he performs and does what he has been best at; that includes his shirtless appearance too. Audiences clap, whistle and hoot that’s the charisma of a Salman Khan film and Tiger Zinda Hai does that.

The scale of the film is impressive; it is your ticket to the land of war. They bring in the Bollywood made Iraq, Baghdad, Syria for you. The story inspired by true incidents with the abduction of Nurses is the core mission Tiger rides upon along with his Tigress Katrina Kaif Zoya. Katrina Kaif performs at high adrenaline beauty with not just brains comes with power too on screen, leaving you mesmerized; awestruck all at the same time. They both together bring India Pakistan together on the common mission that is grandeur in action with the USA Air strike hovering on their heads keeps them on toes with their mission.

The film succeeds to raise the right tension, action at times keeping you on the edge of your seat if not throughout. The plot though lengthy yet consistent keeps you engaged without letting you loose on your seat. The rest of the cast is impressive too. Sajjid Delfrooz last seen in Baby plays Abu Usman fitting into the skin of Bad man brilliantly, he impresses with his dialect giving well authentication to his character. You do expect a little more when you see Paresh Rawal’s name in the beginning of the credits roll.

Tiger Zinda Hai

The screenplay could have been a little crisp and a polished humor would have helped. The mission was a known fact and the trailer cleared the air what mission Tiger is on. The film doesn’t really give much way for the unknown thrills and highly rides on action and sheer presence of Salman Khan. The action for most of the times is raw and real barring the last scene where Tiger makes a way for the Bollywood Salman Style of firing bringing in his swag and still there are no complaints; that Salman Khan for you.

The film has a background score that syncs well with the film and brings in the right feel of the Tiger series. Dil diya gullan is a brilliant song and theme song comes well too and end credits roll with Swag.

Tiger Zinda Hai is the Salman Khan Swag; his fans have been waiting for.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s