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November 17, 2016, Mumbai: What women want is the biggest mystery in the universe! &TV attempts to demystify this secret with a new show Queens Hain Hum starting 28th November, every MondayFriday at 8:00 PM. Produced by Silver Ivory Productions, ‘Queens Hain Hum’ is a story based in Delhi that revolves around the lives of 5 women who are best of friends and love spending their ‘me time’ together away from the hustle bustle of home and work.  Meet the cool and sassy ladies of the Queens Club – ‘Beauty Queen’ Maya Bhiyani, ‘Kitchen Queen’ Tanya Tandon a.k.a. TT, ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’Akanksha Banerjee Jha, ‘Corporate Queen’ Jhanvi Seth and ‘Bold Queen’ Shreya Dixit Rathore who will give viewers a feel of what living life Queen-size really means. From several ups and downs to secrets and more, the Queens will shed all inhibitions and tell you what exactly a woman wants!



Maya Bhiyani, essayed by Bhavna Pani, has all that she wants in life. A loving family, supportive in-laws, a successful salon… but she turns only to her queens to shed a few tears and bounce back in life. She is the sole reason why the queens are together. But there is a dark secret that no one, not even the queens know. When revealed, will this secret change the dynamics between the queens?



Speaking about the show, Bhavna Pani says, “In recent times everyone is talking about feminism and it’s becoming a huge issue. No one is perfect in the world and it’s not necessary for a woman to look beautiful every time. I believe if you can accept all your imperfections along with the perfections and not be sorry for it is the true beauty of a person as well as the show. What drew me towards Queens Hai Hum was its bold concept and storyline. It’s unlike what’s been shown on television nowadays. I was doing theatre in Europe and Iet go of that to be a part of this project.”




Shreya Dixit Rathore, portrayed by Jia Shankar, is the youngest and the newest entrant into the Queens Club. An ex-model, Jia now is the wife of a high-profile politician. Gone are her carefree days when she could do what she felt like. The only place where she can be herself without any pretense is with the Queens. Will Jia be a victim of political strategies or will she master the art with the help of the Queens?



Jia Shankar further adds, “I play the role of a politician’s wife who has to abide by a lot of rules so much so that she feels claustrophobic. The Queens Club is where she finds solace in and they become her strength. It feels great to be a part of such a radical show and hope the audience enjoys it as well.”



Akanksha Banerjee Jha, a role played by Patrali Chattopadhyay, is a firebrand Bengali who is not afraid to call a spade a spade and fights against the system for women equality. With a house husband and a child to take care of, Akanksha or Akku as she’s lovingly called, is extremely close to the Queens and is often referred to as the Jhansi Ki Raani. But when time will test her… will Akku stand up for what she believes in or will she turn her back on the queens?



Says Patrali Chattopadhyay, “I relate a lot to my character in the show because both have the same ideology and that’s one reason why I took up this show. I believe in being a rebel and I make sure to take a stand and fight for the right whenever need be and that’s something we all as women should do. Try not to be overshadowed by anyone and just be yourself.”



Tanya Tandon or TT, essayed by Kenisha, is the soul of the Queens club. A simple and loving personality, Tanya is a happy-go-lucky person and very close to everyone in the group. Her only regret in life is that she can’t bear children… but that doesn’t stop her from loving each one of the group member like one of her own.

Adds Kenisha, “I believe in destiny and I am lucky to be a part of change that is happening in television. Saas-Bahu has a new meaning these days. More than enemies, they are shown as friends and that’s what a mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship is. With our show Queens Hai Hum, we have tried to keep the plot as real as possible that makes it more relatable and fresh. Hope the audience appreciates our efforts.”


Jhanvi Seth or the Corporate queen, played by Shaily Priya Pandey, is a straight forward and strong minded person who has achieved a lot at a very young age. Staying away from parents has made her a little detached, but she finds the support and encouragement in the queens. Her house is the ultimate party place for the queens and what happens there, stays there!


Shaily Priya Pandey says, “The character of Jhanvi is quite complex.  She is a go getter, ambitious and doesn’t compromise on anything. I am quite the opposite in real life hence it was a bit challenging for me at first. But I won’t be surprised if I change by the end of this show (smiles).”


Join in the fun and banter with the Queens and experience a roller coaster ride of emotions with the 5 ladies and their approach to life.