You have to watch this unusual love story starring Huma Qureshi and Gauahar Khan


If you’ve had enough of run-of-the-mill daily soaps and Bollywood movies, allow Ek Dopahar, a new short film starring Huma Qureshi and Gauahar Khan, to blow your mind in the most brilliant way possible. What makes the 12-minute film a breath of fresh air is its unconventional story and genuine performances.


Raina played by Huma and Shubha played by Gauahar are both in love with Vidhu, and the movie revolves around how things go when the two women end up meeting one fine afternoon. If you expect the two – a former girlfriend and a wife – to be at each others’ necks over their common love interest or indulge in a catfight, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our brains are so wired to expect a revenge drama coming up in such a situation, but this story will take you aback.

The movie that released on Thursday opens with a relatable Raina waking up to her sister’s phone call and making her way through a messy house. The two discuss her upcoming Mumbai visit, before Huma writes to her former partner that they should meet while she is visiting the city, where the two met and fell in love. The two set up a meeting at Vidhu’s home and the unlikely events that follow go on to show how love and friendship can be both complicated and simple at the same time.