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Drama , True Incidents


12th August 2020


Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Vineet Kumar singh, Angad Bedi

Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl – The First Indian Airforce Lady Pilot who chased her dreams and emerged as an epitome of Motivation for others to follow not just the dream but also the Passion to pursue the impossible and aligning with the higher goals of the self, of the country, making India Pride

Dharma Productions Gunjan Saxena The Bollywood Girl, wonder if it will make even “Bollywood” pride; India is far. This is where the real life manifests on the reel where people roll on the word “Action” but fail to deliver the needed action. The film that doesn’t even does half the justice to be that inspiring. Janhvi Kapoor has a long way to go, to emerge as an actress to perform this gravity. It is not just her acting it is the writing as well that is hollow that never lets this film take off to even close to what Real Gunjans life would have been. Nikhil Mehrotra the writer behind Dangal, Chhichhore and recently Panga wonder what went wrong with his writing on this subject, the writing probably that never reached on celluloid the way it should have been. Director Sharan Sharma comes from the house of Dharma Productions, creative director of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Director of Karan’s own show Koffee with Karan, debuts as a director with Gunjan Saxena The Bollywood Girl and fails to leave an impression.

Perhaps Pankaj Tripathi is the only saviour who continues to deliver at ease unlike Angad Bedi and Vineet Kumar Singh who fail to be in the skin of the character and reflect acting in their performances. The film rides high on Bro-code and reflects how Indian Airforce was not even ready with Women’s Toilet after announcing an academic course, a better research would have highlighted possibly the Air-Force is not made for ladies as they don’t have dedicated toilets also, then why such a creepy dialogue that speaks about BELAN?

The film is not that bad as it may sound but it is utter boring to be glued on home screen knowing the SPINE of the story to be triumphant and doesn’t really triumphs when it lands on Bollywood Platter. It is neither inspiring neither entertaining. Not worth the time, watching Dhruv Rathee’s documentary on Gunjan Saxena would be good for those who are looking for an insight into her life. Coming just prior to the film’s release, that too seems to be a marketing gimmick though, yet will save you from the two hours of boredom.

PK Verdict: Tin**

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Comedy , Horror


09th November


Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Sharad Kelkar, Ashwini Kalsekar, Manu Sharma,

LAXMII – Everything Bombed!!!

Failure of Star Power is here. Akshay Kumar too is falling prey to his stardom overlooking the content.In spite of a remake of a successful south film the content here is over cooked.#Laxmii is Stale. After #Housefu ll4 this is another Shit film delivered by Akshay Kumar alone this time.

Raghava Lawrence the director has failed to raise the bar of the remake, making it look a film from the seventies horror. Those films were unintentionally comical and now, in spite of calling it intentionally a horror comedy the film is neither horror nor comedy. Such a Dullarious Film than Hilarious. Laxmii is outdated. The only person to be praised in his performance is Sharad Kelkar as Laxmii but alas, his performance alone will not save you from this torture. Akshay Kumar over does it again, doesn’t brings anything new on the platter even though playing transgender character for the first time, the film lacks story-telling, it lacks screenplay, it lacks organic comedy and the forced ones fall real bad. Such a pathetic writing it is, a kid nearly 7-8 years old questions a pregnant lady on the face “Ye MOTI kyun hai” Kids these days are way smarter than what they have portrayed. Who talks like that? This writing is a big let-down and at the very beginning gives you a nuance of what shit you are lined up for. Gone are the days when STAR value gave the mileage, it is only the content that roars and it is high time our stereotype A listers get this right.

Laxmii is more of a pathetic revenge drama than a horror comedy. The revenge plot too opens up too late in the film for it to develop any interest. The cast outside the house is terrible and doesn’t add any value to the film that has no story. It is only Sharad Kelkar you are happy to watch but eventually it is a pure waste. Don’t know what sense it prevailed when Laxmii is shown applying turmeric, that each and every family member has to peep in, making it such a long dull moment. Ashwini Kalsekar is over the top and maar daala scene is horrendous. Kiara Advani is wasted too, what a delight she has been otherwise in Kabir Singh, Guilty, Good News wonder what made her sign, probably just being opposite the A lister. Laxmii will not do any good to her filmography.

Well, indeed Laxmii will not do any good to anyone’s filmography. This Diwali stay away from this #Laxmii. The OTTs have lot to offer to choose that adds value to your entertainment.

PK Verdict: Super Tin*

P.S. Review is purely on the Merit of the Film.

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Crime , Drama


29th October


Harshvardhan Rane, Jim Sarbh, Pulkit Samrat, Kriti Kharbanda, Sanjeeda Shaikh, Saloni Batra, Abhimanyu Singh, Ankur Rathee, Zoa Morani, Saurabh Sachdeva, Viraf Patel, Armaan Khera, Kunickaa Sadanand

TAISH – The Right Heat!!!

Taish comes from Bejoy Nambiar and the director yet again succeeds to deliver his style to the narrative bringing the right heat in the revenge drama that is not cold, it has emotions bringing the right warmth, so much so that Pali the villain doesn’t seem to be one than the circumstantial.

Taish a feature film as well as mini web series released on Zee5. It is engaging and performance packed with a style. Style though wins over substance, yet they never fail to lose your attention, thanks to selective few performances along with the great cinematography and background score that lets Taish rave.

Harshvardhan Rane rules the roost as Pali Brar in the Noir film, he comes from a Punjabi gangster family in Southhall and is deeply in love with Jahaan, his introductory scene where speaks ethos of emotions he carries, gunning down few men at the beginning and later is held back by his emotions of inability of killing the one, marrying the love of his life, Sanjeeda Shaikh. The man she marries is a father figure to Paali. The relationships are layered, and it takes a while for you to get into the Brar family.

The plot is not set yet, there is a wedding in the Kalra Family and then there are instances and a certain past leading to the chaos of actions the guys perform. There is another love story of Jim Sarbh and Kriti Kharbanda, Rohan and Arfa that holds a great depth too, Jim Sarbh has quite a graph of character at display in Taish. He is tender, strong, flamboyant, sensitive and determined to do the right thing and yet gets in the groove of Taish, coming into the revenge mode.

Pulkit Samrat as Sunny is the one who is hot blooded and his quest to conduct revenge is on full throttle. A friend who cares and dares to terminate the guys who rub your friends wrong. Coming from the Fukrey filmography, Taish offers Pulkit a variation to display, to an extent he fulfills too, it is his character that is not fully developed too.

Taish comes as quite a decent watch for its style and substance.

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

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Crime , Thriller


10th July 2020


Surya Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Apeksha Porwal, Harsh Chhaya, Abhishek Chauhan, Ankur Rathee

Undekhi – Unseen – A Must See web-series!!!

Undekhi on Sony Liv is a recent web-series that should not be missed. Highly recommended.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Surya Sharma steal the show. Surya Sharma as Rinku Paaji is a bad guy you would love to watch. His character has a certain command that demands a good attention and keeps you on toes not just with the thrill, succeeds to entertain you with his personality nuances. The fear of his presence is engaging. And Dibyendu’s work is good too. The face-off between the two is good and entertaining. Dibyendu’s character is interesting too, he brings a certain humor with his love for humming songs.

The plot has it all what it takes for an engaging web-series, a big fat wedding, a gun-shot murder, an eyewitness, recorded evidence, vulnerable characters, complicated relations, a drunkard father essayed by Harsh Chhaya comes as silly and annoying, but he stays true to his character and succeeds to entertain. They all come together and perform well. Set in the great range of Himalayas, they bring in the nuances of  cold-bloodedness in their characters. 

Apeksha Porwal who debuts with this series is a stellar casting choice who barely speaks but emotes through her eyes and does the action that is not regular that makes Undekhi set-apart from other series too as she brings a wow factor with her sheer presence, as the series progress, her character progresses and she delivers like an ace performer. A great discovery on a great platform. 

Applause Entertainment a big applause for you for creating a great content.  

PK Verdict: Gold****

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