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Official G20 2020 Family Photo Released

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Saudi G20 Presidency is pleased to share a family photo of the G20 leaders projected this evening on the walls of the UNESCO World Heritage Site At-Turaif District in Ad-Diriyah outside Riyadh.


Official G20 2020 Family Photo Released


Ad-Diriyah is the birthplace of the first Saudi state, historical crossroads of pilgrims and traders, and home to one of the kingdom’s most ambitious heritage developments.

For the high-res, please visit the G20 Media Microsite.

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Poonam – A Social Short by Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals and Epicreel

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The saga of elderly care is full of hype, and nothing more. After sieving through and a soulful introspection of data and research on elderly care, more than living conditions, physical health and economic considerations, it is their happiness that matters most. It is their loneliness that has come around due to the joint families breaking down into nuclear ones that has caused such neglect. And, loneliness is a disease, just like any other. Poonam was conceived to inculcate the understanding and awareness of the elderly plight.

The data

The elderly numbers are slated to touch 12% of the total population in the next 2/3 years stressing the healthcare system. To elaborate, 68% of the elderly population live in the rural areas, of which 73% are illiterate and 40% live below the poverty line. To add, 90% of them have no form of social security [be it could be insurance, provident fund, gratuity, pension or schemes akin to them] and are economically dependent. No wonder, most elders have no option but to work, to make their ends meet.

Delving further into the healthcare system of the country – 73% of the elderly die of smoking, heart disease or cancer. They account for 30% of hospital bed occupancy, 20% of doctor visitations and 50% of bedridden patients. So, if 12% of the population, not to mention the absence of healthcare in rural areas, take up that kind of space, the system will be obviously stressed out, and the only this problem is headed, is north.

The government’s take

The Indian government passed the ‘Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act’ bill in 2007, which says, maintenance of senior parents or senior citizens is mandatory for children or relatives, failing which a penal provision is provided for abandonment and abuse. No exemplary action on this front has made the news, so it is anyone’s guess that it is only on paper.

Subsequently, the formulation of ‘National Program for the Healthcare of the elderly’ in 2011 ensured easy access to promotive, curative, preventive and rehabilitative care to all the elderly across all levels of the healthcare system. The ‘National Policy on Senior citizens’ made sure that the elderly were recognised as assets to the nation.

The policy introduced specific financial support to elders through pension and insurance schemes in addition to income generating activities. Though the financial schemes have seen the light of the day along with some proactive states implementing the healthcare initiatives through thir existing hospital networks.

Geriatric care is not a part of the formal medical school education and neither are we seeing trends to inculcate it into mainstream curriculum. Elder health needs are very different from standard health needs and it is important that we address them as specialty care.

What are we doing about it?

In India, over 20% of elder population is subject to abuse and abandonment. Abuse comes in different forms – emotional, physical and mental. Today, a major part of the population aged between 40 to 50 years [their elders need most care and would fall in the 65 to 75 year category] is either making money happily in some western country or have settled in Tier 1 cities, while their parents have opted to stay back in the village or their home cities with no support to fall back on.

Many children are also seen ‘dumping’ elders into old age homes. Old age homes, again, come in all shapes and sizes. The high-priced ones cater only to the affluent since there is this aspect of affordability. The smaller or low-priced ones are seeing waiting times that can be more than the expected longevity of elders in need.

There is the third option – retirement communities, that work solely with a commercial intent to build homes and sell along with requisite infrastructure for elders. Although good, these homes, again, are expensive to buy and sustain. And, whichever class or creed of the elderly abodes one chooses to put the elderly into, the question is are they content residing there, are they happy, can they sustain themselves.

Economic development, circumstances and life style changes may be the reason for such willing/unwilling abandonment, however, we need to address the issue of family elder care with more focus and care.

Why Poonam?

With the profound understanding that psychological health is more important for elders than just physical care and that loneliness is the main cause of elder issues, we have tried to address the issues in the form of a social short – Poonam.

Poonam is about combating loneliness through companionship and that companionship can address a lot of elder issues including holistic health and longevity.

Producer, Ms. Shilpi Das Chohan says, Elder Care has rather become a lucrative market than a social responsibility. Caring for the elderly is a highly overlooked cause among the social causes! We are all getting there. There will be aches and pains, sleeplessness, memory loss, loneliness. And there could be financial insecurities and abuse too as we keep losing physical strength. We felt the need to send a message, connect with a large audience at a global level, incite emotions and move to action. Stories are powerful. It’s something that connects mind to heart. We decided to go the visual storytelling way and tell it through this film – Poonam. We want the viewers of all ages to introspect and start taking responsibility.”

Executive Producer, Anil Kumar P, says, “Poonam is an effort to spread awareness of this silent disease – ‘loneliness’ that can exponentially improve the chances of disease and death, prematurely.”

The elders never complain and the children do not have the insight. End of it all, is the entire situation justified, if yes, to what extent.

Media Contact :

Shilpi Das Chohan



Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals






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Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Modernization Will Power Digital Business Models and Increased IT Spending, say Global 2000 Executives: Infosys – HFS Research

– Report delineates impact of COVID-19 across industries; causing seismic shifts in business transition

– 51 percent organizations consider remote work or hybrid workforce model to be the way forward

BENGALURU, India, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, together with HFS Research unveiled a market study titled, ‘Nowhere to Hide: Embracing the Most Seismic Technological and Business Change in our Lifetime.’ Focusing on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses across industries, this joint study by Infosys and HFS Research revealed that numerous organizations have accelerated the adoption of automation, digital business models, and the hyper-scale cloud to respond to customer needs quickly and competitively. The report also brought to fore a shift in corporate mindset to advocate change and digitize businesses.

Infosys Logo

The world changed overnight as COVID-19 created a state of upheaval and economic uncertainty, deeming the real-time prediction of complex risk scenarios as critical. The HFS Research spotlights the emergence of dynamic digital organizations energized by technology that has opened avenues for rapid progression and business growth. The report further highlights that more than digitizing processes, digital transformation is about business leaders reshaping existing business models and exploring new ways of uniting people, data, and processes to create value for their customers. The Infosys-HFS Research additionally emphasizes the strategies implemented by successful companies in various industries (G2K) to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic economy.

For the study, HFS Research, in partnership with Infosys, surveyed 400 Global 2000 executives to understand how businesses can survive and thrive in the economy riddled with the pandemic. It offers perspectives to develop an outlook for IT and business services in the current geopolitical environment.

Key findings:

  • Bigger impact: Almost 70 percent of respondents believe that COVID-19 will have a bigger impact than the 2008 downturn with budgets, supply chains, employee availability, and customer intimacy being impacted the most.
  • Businesses that will thrive: The public sector, banking, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and the high-tech industry respondents are relatively confident as they see emerging opportunities for making appropriate investments amid the crisis.
  • Protecting the business: At least 65 percent of respondents are insulating their business from volatility by building diverse customer pools and investing in an agile business model. 
  • Digitize and Adapt: Over 60 percent of enterprises plan to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and over 70 percent plan to change their product and service portfolio to drive greater customer value.
  • Critical IT investments to compete: Investing in creating a virtual, secure, and cloud-enabled IT environment that enables remote working at scale (virtualization, collaboration, security). Investments in the cloud, cybersecurity, and modernizing core IT apps and infrastructure are at the top of the priority heap.
  • Increased IT spending: Enterprises expect to increase their spending the most on business and digital consulting, followed by IT infrastructure services (including cloud). They expect the demand for IT and business process services to pick up to serve the dual purpose of driving digital while saving cash.
  • Unleash your people to thrive. Nearly 90 percent of organizations realize they need to reposition to unleash people in the new reality. Post-COVID, working arrangements will change dramatically. Only 37 percent prefer a return to an office-based environment. The work culture will evolve from siloed working to interdisciplinary collaboration.

Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer at Infosys said, “Post-COVID, we have witnessed accelerated scaling of digital across most enterprises. The strategic investment in cloud, cybersecurity, and modernization is not only helping businesses sharpen their focus on end-to-end customer journeys but also enabling them to do a lot more with much higher agility. With so much at stake to drive customer centricity and productivity, investment in employees and ensuring their well-being is of paramount importance. In a distributed work environment such as today, employees are an important centerpiece within the companies’ strategy framework and therefore, it is imperative for organizations to see how the hybrid work model can be made more effective, productive, resilient, and secure.”

“A new dawn will emerge as the fog clears. We must embrace this brave new business world where a perfect alignment of business outcomes and their enabling technologies demand all our focus and creativity. We are living through the emergence of dynamic digital organizations where people are energized by technology, where they plug into business experiences that are progressing rapidly to places where the possibilities are limitless, where the future is unravelling before our eyes.  What we have experienced – inside of a single year – is the coming together of people to confront their fear of change to face the reality that their organization will sink without it,” said Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research.

For a full copy of the report, please click here  


HFS Research, in partnership with Infosys, surveyed 400 Global 2000 executives to understand how businesses can survive and thrive in the pandemic economy and to develop an outlook for IT and business services in the current geopolitical environment. HFS segmented the research findings according to its four phases of pandemic shock response: crisis, stabilization, realization, and unleashing people.

About Infosys Ltd.

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in 46 countries to navigate their digital transformation. With nearly four decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, we expertly steer our clients through their digital journey. We do it by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change. We also empower the business with agile digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. Our always-on learning agenda drives their continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovation ecosystem.

Visit to see how Infosys (NYSE: INFY) can help your enterprise navigate your next.

Safe harbor:

“Certain statements in this release concerning our future growth prospects and financial expectations are forward-looking statements intended to qualify for the ‘safe harbor’ under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding Covid-19 and the effects of government and other measures seeking to contain its spread, risks related to an economic downturn or recession in India, the United States and other countries around the world, changes in political, business, and economic conditions, fluctuations in earnings, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, our ability to manage growth, intense competition in IT services including those factors which may affect our cost advantage, wage increases in India, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-time frame contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, industry segment concentration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks or system failures, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies in which Infosys has made strategic investments, withdrawal or expiration of governmental fiscal incentives, political instability and regional conflicts, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India, unauthorized use of our intellectual property and general economic conditions affecting our industry and the outcome of pending litigation and government investigation. Additional risks that could affect our future operating results are more fully described in our United States Securities and Exchange Commission filings including our Annual Report on Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020. These filings are available at Infosys may, from time to time, make additional written and oral forward-looking statements, including statements contained in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and our reports to shareholders. The Company does not undertake to update any forward-looking statements that may be made from time to time by or on behalf of the Company unless it is required by law.”


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Endurance International Group’s Marquee Event Cloudbazaar Goes Virtual

MUMBAI, India, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Endurance International Group, the parent company of web presence brands like HostGator, Bluehost, ResellerClub will be hosting the 9th edition of its marquee event Cloudbazaar in association with .ORG on December 11 and 12, 2020, which will be held online for the first time.  This year’s event carries on the annual 9-year legacy of hosting some of the biggest names in the domains and hosting industry, and veterans of the web ecosystem, who come together to share ideas and learnings. As the model thought-leadership platform for the web professional (web developers, designers, IT service companies) community, the event is designed to help them advance, upskill and win at enabling businesses online.

EIG Logo

This year’s event is themed, ‘Web Pros in a Post Pandemic World’. It will feature dedicated sessions to help attendees understand and take advantage of the latest trends and solutions across digitization, business and consumer behavior, opportunities in the ecosystem and much more. The event brings together speakers such as Co-founder & CEO of Automattic (makers of WordPress), Founder of Titan, Zeta, Radix and veterans from Google, Public Interest Registry (PIR) that manages .ORG domain extension, Kantar, Zinnov Consulting, NowFloats, Mirum India (WPP Company), others on topics ranging from technology, industry landscape & opportunity, digital marketing to business and more.

“Endurance’s product portfolio fuels millions of small businesses and web professionals worldwide with products and the technology that they need to vitalize their online web presence and digital marketing capabilities. Web professionals include web designers, developers, digital agencies, IT service providers and any business that helps other businesses get an online presence. Focusing on the business needs of web professionals is important for us, as it empowers those who help small businesses come online. Cloudbazaar is one such initiative that aims to bring web professionals onto one platform to learn about the new trends in the ecosystem. This year’s event is crucial given how the pandemic has been a global wakeup call for many businesses, which has prompted quick shifts in strategy, especially as it pertains to ‘digital’. As the leading cloud and hosting event for web professionals, we are excited to once again bring together business leaders and technology innovators to identify the new trends and opportunities that will help to win in this digital economy,” said Manish Dalal, Senior VP & GM of Endurance Group, APAC.

To know more about Cloudbazaar, visit:

About Endurance International Group

Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. helps millions of small businesses worldwide with products and technology to enhance their online web presence, email marketing, business solutions, and more. The EIG family of brands includes Constant Contact, Bluehost, HostGator, and, among others. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, EIG employs over 3,800 people across the United States, Brazil, India, and the Netherlands. 

For more information, visit:

Media Contact:

Mitika Kulshreshtha 


Vice President – Marketing


Endurance International Group


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